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Happy to feature our Purebred and Commercial Beefmaster herd. Although we're a small family operation,
we do utilize both AI & Embryo Transfer, along with Natural Service, in our breeding program.
Through a.i. & e.t. genetics, we are constantly focused on Qaulity over Quantity, and we are continualy
striving to produce each generation of calves a little better than the generation before - those that carry
the desired traits from the Beefmaster and Angus breeds - genetics that we believe will continue to
improve our herd, for both carcass and maternal traits, for years to come.

Front Pasture
Front Pasture Scene
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Beefmaster; A composite breed, developed by crossing Hereford and Shorthorn Cows with Brahman Bulls.
Notably; 1/4 Shorthorn, 1/4 Hereford, 1/2 Brahman.

Characteristics; The breed is recognized as a "Dual Purpose breed" - blending strong maternal traits with excellent growth and carcass abilities.

These 1st cross Angus Calves are special to us!
We really like this cross!

And as they say;
"Crossbreeding leads to Hybrid Vigor."

Beefmaster Cattle
Beefmaster Cows and Angus Cross Heifers
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Beefmaster Embryo Calf
Embryo Heifer Calf
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E.T. Calf -  * Embryo calf out of our #K5 Recip Mom. She was K5's 2nd calf, and is as gentle as they come !

Purebred Dam with her first calf - Hector
a "natural service" little bull out of Syzygy !

Beefmaster Bull Calf
Beefmaster Cow with Bull Calf
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E.T. Bull
Another Embryo Calf
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E.T. Calf -  * Another embryo calf out of our K7 Recip Mom. He's a little bull out of the L2 Prodigy Bull, and although he looks relativly harmless - he's quite fiesty !

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